Tine Times 2: another unofficial Limited Fork Science extension

the study of interacting visual, sonic, olfactory, textual, & tactile systems on all scales

Hello world! A Tine of Limited Fork Science is forming here

Posted by forkergirl on July 5, 2007

Limited Fork Science is the study of interacting language systems: visual, sonic, olfactory, and tactile systems/subsystems on all scales, in all locations, (some of it) occurring in (apparently) synchronized and unsynchronized simultaneity.

The outcomes of applied Limited Fork Science are Poams: products of acts of making.
There are both boundary Poams (usually indicated by uppercase P) and bounded poams (usually indicated by lowercase p); most are both or one or the other at various times in various locations in various interactions.

Limited Fork Science is the marriage of various arts and various sciences, but unlike terminal interfaces of various arts and various sciences that come together to execute this project or that project, and unlike those encounters that come out of casual or even promiscuous and ultimately temporary hunger for interdisciplinarity, encounters that do not resolve the need to feed again; unless those breakable links between art and science, Limited Fork Science sustains the relationship as it studies the interface itself, as it inhabits the fusion, because it’s not a form of another science or a bastardization of exisiting art forms (though Limited Fork Science can be used to understand them/to make them for different purpose: come to the fork, all my made children), IT IS ITS OWN AREA OF INQUIRY, a tool whose use can result in investigations that can have implications for any of the fields, fused and unfused, that contribute to it.

Limited Fork Science supports exisiting forms, generates new forms, and predicts forms that further research may eventually be able to usher into an existence detectable within visual, sonic, olfactory, or tactile system(s).
Limited Fork Science investigates the complex and dynamic system of interactions in visual, sonic, olfactory and tactile iterations.

The Limited Fork loves to play, and is aware of the diversions that are outcomes of a variety on interactions on a variety of scales in a variety of locations.

Blogging itself, and connecting in the many, growing, dynamic tines —or bifurcations— is a poam made of many poams. This post is a poam made of poam. The writing system itself is a poam made of poams, each alphanumeric character, the binary code —poams.

This tine is fresh; the metal isn’t yet solidified, so using it here and now (which will not be the same “now” when you read this, but certainly a “now”) can easily modify it (and that might be the point of a/the tine).

For more right away, check out the further extended TINE TIMES: an Unofficial Limited Fork Extension and its companion TINE TIMES cyberworkshop & Limited Fork playspace blog where Activity Tines are forming.

To see more video poams, click on and visit the forkergirl channel at youtube or let the following video poam take you there:

You can also visit a Limited Fork library of poams in three Limited Fork podcast libraries at iTunes:
Limited Fork,
Limited Fork Music, and The Limited Fork Video Anthology which festure work by student practitioners (at least until their grades were posted, but not in a public blog) of Limited Fork Science, formerly known as Limited Fork Science.

Thanks for reading this writing system inaugural imprint of tines of the limited fork at wordpress!
Please use the limited fork to enrich participation in the range of existence.

your forkergirl.


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